A Caring School


Students achieve in a caring environment that involves a very real and positive partnership between parents, students and the school. We aim to provide a happy and exciting environment in which all students can succeed. We expect students to work hard, respect each other, be responsible and contribute to the life of the school. All achievements are celebrated and high standards are gained through the dedication and ability of our professional staff.


The Doaba Public School, Dohlron is proud of its reputation as a caring school. Each student is treated as an individual and the school is, therefore, organized on a tutor based system.


We actively encourage our students to contribute on improving school life. The School Council provides students with their voice in the running of the school and parents are also able to contribute.


The Pyramid to success


The school boasts of student strength of over 1500 that are well taken care of by a highly qualified and compassionate staff. The medium of institution is English with stress in communicative as well as creative part. The school is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi that follows the 10 + 2 pattern of education. To stratify the pyramid of success school has three wings are under:


The Pre Primary wing: The school has a special pre primary wing to sow the seeds of success. The rooms in this wing have been designed to the exquisite taste of the young buds. Mickey, Tweety and many other colorful characters adorn the walls. Toys and charts keep them busy and entertained. Audio Visual Lab is used to help the tiny talents pick up the new skills while enjoying themselves. New play station and a games park is exclusive domain of this wing. The Pre primary talents are nurtured through the play way method. An experienced and compassionate staff helps the students to nurture the high ideals right from beginning of their journey in the school as well as the life with the help of smart class.


Primary and Middle wing: The primary and middle wing is build upon the strong foundation laid down by the pre-primary wing. It is during this phase the students begin to realize and accept the responsibilities that have been entrusted to them by the nature along with their underlying abilities. The primary and middle wing has spacious rooms and has the entire infrastructure at their disposal like computer Lab, Audio –Visual Lab, Science Lab, Maths and Social Science labs. Smart classes are used to provide three dimensional understanding of Science and mathematics concepts. The primary and middle wing proudly claims to be manned by the most experienced and exceptionally dedicated staff which has produced students who have the school proud by achieving success at state and national levels.


SENIOR SECONDARY WING: The secondary wing gives the final look to the 41 years of hard work put in by the school, students and the parents. The school ensures that the high expectations are painted in the most vibrant colour at this stage. The state of the art infrastructure is in the form of fully equipped Science Labs that helps the students to bridge the gap between the bookish knowledge and the practical life. Helping in this endeavour is the highly qualified and multi-talented post graduate staff.


The school offers the four arms of education at this level (XI & XII)


1) Non-Medical: Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English, Punjabi or Physical Education.

2) Medical: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, Punjabi or Physical Education.

3) Commerce: Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, English, Punjabi or Physical Education.

4) Humanities: History, Pol. Science,  English, Punjabi, Physical Education.