Academic excellence is the hallmark of DPS and the school is committed in providing a comprehensive education which seeks to develop the students into academically proficient, morally upright and socially well-integrated leaders of tomorrow.


The work done by one man has an effect on the lives of every man in his vicinity and beyond. This is like when a stone is thrown in a pond and the first ripple creates further ripples in the water.


All we want is a smile on the faces of our students. Mother Teresa revolutionized and defined the term when she reached a foreign country and strived to serve mankind. We have a duty to follow her footsteps and find new ways to help our world become a better home. We have to do our part to convert Earth from a house to home for every man on Earth.


This is our world and we have to preserve it for the generations to come.


A true Doabian will always endeavour to do his/her country proud.