Sports and Extra Curricular Activities


May it be physical fitness, discipline, team coordination, cooperation, team spirit, motivation or enthusiasm etc. Sports can and do turn up as a single medium through which a person can inculcate all such qualities. DPS pays extreme attention to this segment and has made efficacious efforts to promote this stream within its students.


Our Provisions


Chess: Fully equipped rooms with inbuilt chess boards along with expertise chess coaching.


Table Tennis: Adequate provision for evening practice is made with proper halogen lighting for this sport as well.


Basketball: The sport seems to have enthused our students so much so that besides our members of our regular school team, students from different classes too are beginning to take interest in it. A number of our budding players can be seen shooting baskets at the newly constructed cemented anti-skid basketball court that is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities of international standards. These include poles of international standards.


Badminton: Classic badminton niche combined with perfect halogen lighting and an indoor hall for the same is another asset of  Doaba Public School’s sports section.


Football: The sport inculcates all the necessary skills, valuable lessons in teamwork, and camaraderie that applies both on and off the field. It teaches you all the aspects that one needs to cultivate to become a professional player to successfully pursue the same in the future.


Recreational Games: Games are not just the source of competition; they are the channel for fun and entertainment too and are also the medium to invigorate the sports heritage followed in streets at old times. So, Doaba Public School made an effort to make it a part of its sports regime too.


Every year our students show enthusiastic participation in various Athletics and Kho-Kho events at State and National levels. We have got many laurels and awards in Kho-Kho and Athletics.