Celebrating Our Students’ Achievements

Celebrating Our Students’ Achievements

Our students have achieved more than just excellent results in the CBSE Board exams for Class X and XII, they have achieved a sense of accomplishment that comes only with hard work and dedication. We are proud of our students who have shown that with determination and perseverance, they can overcome any obstacle and achieve their goals.

Class XII




Student Name Percentage Position Stream
Gurleen Mann 92% 1st Position Non-Medical
Harman 91% 1st Position Medical
Sahil Awasthi 88.2% 1st Position Arts
Rohin Heer 87.2% 1st Position Commerce
Mohanish Punj 90% 2nd Position Non-Medical
Kashish Kumari 90.2 % 2nd Position Medical
Lovepreet Kaur 88% 2nd Position Arts
Simrat Kaur 85% 2nd Position Commerce
Jasleen Kaur 88.8% 3rd Position Non-Medical
Lipika Kaur 87.8% 3rd Position Medical
Tammna Mehta 86.8% 3rd Position Arts
Jashandeep Singh 81.8% 3rd Position Commerce


Class X


School Toppers


Name Percentage Position
Palak 92.4% 1st Position
Methak Sethi 91.6% 2nd Position
Jaseca Agnihotri 87.6% 3rd Position


Congratulations to all of our students on their academic success! We look forward to seeing them continue to excel and achieve greatness in all their future endeavours.

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