Ensuring Safe and Reliable Transportation for Students

CBSE Affiliated School in Mahilpur

Ensuring Safe and Reliable Transportation for Students

Doaba Public School Dohlron, an esteemed CBSE Affiliated School in Mahilpur known for its commitment to providing a holistic learning experience. In this blog, we will explore the transportation facilities offered by the school and how they ensure the safety and convenience of students.

Transportation Department
We take pride in its transportation department, which is dedicated to catering to the commuting needs of students. Led by Mr. Kulwant Singh, the Transport In-charge, the department maintains a fleet of 18 buses equipped with fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes to adhere to emergency requirements. The buses undergo regular maintenance and adhere to the guidelines set by the Supreme Court, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation service.

Trained Drivers and CCTV Surveillance
The safety and well-being of students are of utmost importance at Doaba Public School. All drivers employed by the school are well-trained and hold Heavy Vehicle Licenses. They undergo regular training sessions to enhance their driving skills and receive guidance on handling effectively any unforeseen circumstances. The buses are also equipped with CCTV cameras to maintain constant surveillance, providing an additional layer of security for the students during their commute.

Special Care for Students’ Comfort
We emphasize the well-being of its students, and this extends to their transportation experience. Special care is taken to ensure the comfort and safety of students, particularly girls, within the buses. The buses cover a wide range of areas, including 121 nearby villages, to cater to the commuting needs of the students residing in various locations.

A Comprehensive Education
Doaba Public School Dohlron, one of the Best School in Mahilpur is committed to providing a comprehensive education that nurtures well-integrated leaders of tomorrow. Recognizing the importance of a safe and reliable transportation system, the school seeks to eliminate any transportation-related concerns for students and their families. By offering secure transportation services, the school enables students to focus on their education and participate in various extracurricular activities with ease.

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