How to End Attention Craving in Your Child’s Behaviour?

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How to End Attention Craving in Your Child’s Behaviour?

Does your little one seek attention in such ways that are so annoying? Is this situation getting out of your hand? Then, you need to take appropriate actions to control them. Though normally, children will crave attention from their parents, it becomes problematic when they need it all the time and starts misbehaving when they are ignored. There are some strong reasons why children behave in such a way, and parents should identify them first and take the next necessary steps accordingly.

But don’t worry! Doaba Public School Dohlron, one of the best schools in Mahilpur is here to help by providing some effective strategies to help you deal with the situation and will teach you how to better communicate with your attention-seeker child without getting annoyed.

Tips for Dealing with Attention-Seeking Behaviour:

  • Give More Positive Attention: Praising your child is one of the most effective ways to help them behave most appropriately. So, if your child is an attention seeker, it is better to involve them with your day-to-day work such as kitchen chores and praise them for being calm and gentle. You can also involve them in some creative activities like drawing, colouring, and crafting and never miss a single scope to praise them for putting effort into it.
  • Ignore Bad Behaviour: Your ignorance of your child’s tantrums is more effective than punishing or shouting at them. Though you cannot get instant results, with time your child will slowly change his or her behaviour. So, make your child understand that bad behaviour comes with no reward simply by ignoring their tantrums.
  • Give Options: You can provide options to your child to help them feel self-sufficient. You can do it by allowing your child to choose what he/she would like to wear today, and what dessert he or she would like to eat.
  • Give Your Attention Mindfully: Ignoring tantrums does not mean that you will entirely cut out attention from your side. Instead, it is important to come together and spend quality time with your child by doing little things that will bring joy to your child’s daily life. But, never cross the limit and be consistent about playing out the consequences when the rules are broken.


As a parent, it is very natural to feel angry or frustrated with your child who constantly seeks attention from you. But, it is not good to lash out at your kids. Instead, it is better to take a break and come back to your child when you are in a state to handle your kid.

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