L.K.G to XII

L.K.G to XII

Circular (18.06.2020)

L.K.G to XII


Dear Parents

I hope you all are safe and fine at home.

We are very thankful to you for supporting us in education of our students and financially also for survival of school. We are highly obliged for your full cooperation in such a tough scenario.

1. I hope you all attended the PTM and checked the result of First Monthly Test.

2. Weekly test of students will go on till 20th June and these three weekly tests will be counted as Second Monthly Test & result will be declared on 6th

3. From 21st June to 11th July we will be doing online revisions for First Terminal Exam. Date sheet along complete schedule for how to conduct exam will be shared with you shortly.

4. Result for First Terminal Exam will be shared from 10th August onwards.

Dear Parents, Let’s all work together so that our kids should not suffer and please feel free to share your queries we assure you that we are ready to work with you hand in hand for welfare of our students



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