Gen. Notice

Gen. Notice

Gen. Notice (22.05.2020)

Dear Parents

Please Submit the Holiday Assignment of your ward from 25-05-2020 i.e. Monday to 27-05-2020 between 8:15 1:00 p.m. The teachers will evaluate the assignment and give marks to the students. The marks will be counted for First Monthly Test.

Secondly, as per Govt. guidelines school office will remain open. School for students will remain closed and online classes will continue till further orders. You are advised to deposit the fee of your ward according to Govt. Order No. 04/02-2020 GP -2(1) dated 14.05.2020. Presently you can deposit tuition fee of April, May, and June, 2020 only.

The fees other than tuition fees will be charged only according to any new guidelines by the Government. Parents have the option of depositing fees monthly or quarterly. Parents can deposit fees in school or in bank.

Kindly collect the Fee Slip from school, when you submit the assignment of your ward.

Please bring ID CARD of your ward with you.

We hope you understand us and appreciate the efforts made by school staff.

Help us to serve you better.



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