How to Keep Kids Entertained While You Work from Home

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How to Keep Kids Entertained While You Work from Home

Are you struggling to get your office work done while also having your child around your home office? Yes, it is pretty challenging. Caring for children and keeping them busy all day is itself a full-time job. Is not it?

In addition to it, balancing your office work is hectic. But there is no way out. Don’t lose your patience. Instead, a little bit of planning and organizational skill goes a long way. As mentioned in this blog, you can try a few tips and tricks that will help you work from home with kids.

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Effective Tips to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work From Home:

Here are a few ways to keep your kids occupied to get your work done:

  1. Schedule Playtime for Your Child: Ask yourself when you are most productive? Then schedule your child’s playtime accordingly. It is because kids love to play, and this is the best time for you to be most productive with your work.
  2. Designate Some Space for You & Your Child: Both you and your child need to have your own space. Make sure you have designed a home office for yourself and a playroom or area for your child. This will help both of you to focus on your work and be creative.
  3. Take Help from Technological Advances: Schedule a specific screen time for your child. It can be playing their video games, watching a movie, or favourite TV shows. Spending a specific time on screen; will give you an uninterrupted period to concentrate on your work.
  4. Colouring Books & Drawing: Drawing and colouring is an age-old and effective technique to keep your child busy and entertained for a while. Children simply love to do it. In addition, it also improves the fine motor skills of your child. It is a win-to-win solution for both you and your child.


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