Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

CBSE School in Hoshiarpur

Nurturing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Doaba Public School Dohlron is a prestigious CBSE School in Hoshiarpur, known for its commitment to providing quality education and holistic development to its students. With a sprawling campus spread across 25 acres of land, the school offers a nurturing environment that is conducive to learning and growth.

Shaping Young Minds for a Better Future
At DPS Dohlron, the vision is clear – to create a learning environment that nurtures young children and helps them become responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world. The mission of the school is to provide a comprehensive education that incorporates academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, preparing students to become future leaders.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure: Fostering Excellence
The impressive infrastructure of the school is a testament to its commitment to providing quality education. The school boasts more than 50 well-equipped classrooms and accommodates over 1,500 students, supported by a faculty of over 70 experienced professionals. The campus also includes sports facilities like basketball courts, cricket pitches, and volleyball courts, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among the students.

Academic Excellence: Empowering Young Minds
The school follows a rigorous admission process, ensuring the selection of students who are not only academically strong but also possess a range of skills and interests. The highly qualified faculty members use innovative teaching methods to make learning engaging and enjoyable, fostering a love for knowledge in students.

Beyond the Classroom: Enriching Experiences
The school recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities in a well-rounded education. The school offers a variety of clubs and activities, including the Debate Club, Science Club, and Music Club, which help students explore their interests beyond academics. Additionally, sports are an integral part of the curriculum, encouraging students to develop physical fitness and teamwork skills.

Celebrating Achievements: A Legacy of Success
Over the years, DPS Dohlron has achieved remarkable milestones in academics, sports, and various other fields. Its students have consistently excelled in various competitions, showcasing their talent and dedication. The school takes pride in the accomplishments of its students and continues to push the boundaries of success.

Join Our Community
The school follows a transparent admission process, ensuring that deserving students get the opportunity to become a part of a CBSE Affiliated School in Mahilpur. Aspiring parents, students, and well-wishers, we invite you to explore the world of excellence and opportunity awaiting you at Doaba Public School Dohlron. Be a part of our community, where dreams are nurtured, and leaders are born.

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