Ways to Manage Stress during COVID-19


Ways to Manage Stress during COVID-19


Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic has forced leaders of the world to take strict preventive measures to mitigate the spread of deadly coronavirus in the local communities. Measures such as lockdown, social distancing, and self-isolation have set up the boundaries between the people which has resulted to changes in sleep cycle or eating patterns, worsening mental health including stress, anxiety, panic attacks. The best School in Mahilpur, Doaba Public School Dohlron is sharing five ways by which we can take care of our mental health and still connect with the people being inside at home. 

Connect via Virtual Meetups

Being in isolation and fear due to uncertainty can lead to depression and stress. Make use of video calling and applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Facetime to virtually meet up and connect with your loved ones.

Limit social media and news

Minimize the time scrolling social media and watching news related to COVID-19 as it can lead to frequent anxiety attacks and decrease productivity. Seek or gather the information at specific times in a day to update yourself and follow the guidelines or health-related matters from trusted and verified sources such as WHO or CDC.

 Exercise or Physical Activity

Do exercise regularly or engage yourself in physical activity that keeps your body moving. During exercise, endorphins are released inside the brain, which helps in elevating your mood and maintain a positive attitude.

 Maintain a Balanced Diet

Eat healthy and nutritious food, avoid oily or sugary drinks and binge eating. It is crucial to maintain proper blood sugar levels stable throughout the day as it helps in regulating mood and emotions.

 Express how you feel and be kind

Communicate with your family members about how you are feeling and listen actively when someone needs your time. Show compassion and be kind. Do not yell or shout; instead, take a short break and calm down before starting the conversation or responding back if you are frustrated or angry.

Doaba Public School Dohlron, the best CBSE school in Mahilpur, encourages all the families to respond positively in this uncertain and challenging times. Always remember, taking care of others starts with oneself first.

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